Is it really possible to get writing jobs on Twitter?

Yes, it is. But that would make an unbelievably short blog post wouldn’t it, so let me go into a bit more depth.

I’ll start with my personal experience. I’ve had an account with Twitter for several months now, during which I have built up a following of over 1,000 people. And a big hello to any of you who are now following my blog!

I’ve got quite a network now and I follow about a thousand other people too. My profile is filled out so I have a link to my blog and a short description of what I do. If you are going to get an account with Twitter I would strongly suggest doing this bit first. Put in a link to your writing website or your blog and fill in your profile so everyone knows you are a writer.

That’s what I did. And one day I got a direct message from a guy I follow, asking me what kind of writing I did and whether or not I would be able to contribute some articles to his website. A few emails followed back and forth and I ended up with a few months worth of work from him – and very nicely paid too.

So that is one way you can get writing gigs from Twitter. But there are other ways too – more pro-active ways. It’s great when people contact you for work but let’s face it, sitting around waiting for them doesn’t exactly bring the pennies rolling in on a daily basis. You need to get out there and get started yourself too.

But how?

Okay I’m getting there. Once you’ve joined Twitter you’ll see a search box a little way down on the right hand side. Found it? Good. That’s how you’ll start searching for writing jobs on Twitter.

Now you need to be a bit thoughtful here. You could just type in ‘writing jobs’ and see what comes up. Make sure you include the quote marks so you find the exact phrase. Now this will be an up to date feed of the latest tweets featuring that phrase – and when I did it the first one up was for an article rewriter.

I also found three or four Twitter accounts in the first few results that I could easily start following in order to find more jobs in future. So that just goes to show how a quick search can produce potential results.

Let’s try another search now though. Let’s try something different, such as ‘blogger needed’. That might sound like a strange phrase but remember that if you wanted a blogger and you were tweeting about it, you’d probably put something very like that.

I’m sure you’re getting the idea of how this works now. And of course you can tailor your searches depending on what you want to find. Are you good at writing SEO articles? Okay, then try a search for SEO article writers. How about article rewriting? Try that too.

You’ll soon get the hang of searching regularly for anything that might be worthwhile. And once you have performed your search you can leave that window open in your browser. It will automatically update if any other tweets come through with the same keywords in them.

And that means you might just have the upper hand when it comes to applying for a brand new writing job online. Good luck – and let me know how you get on.

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