Are there any disadvantages to working from home?

Now anyone who DOESN’T work from home is probably now thinking, ‘How on earth could there be? There’s no boss to dislike, no getting up at 7am to get ready and rush to catch a crowded train, oh and you’re probably doing a job you enjoy too. What disadvantages could there be about that?’

Well yes, point taken – working from home IS, for the most part, fantastic. I’ve been a full timer from home now for eighteen months and counting… and there isn’t a day goes by when I don’t thank God that I’m not pickling walnuts in a factory twelve hours a day any more (more about that in some future post, I’m sure!).

So yes there are plenty of advantages and they far outweigh any negatives. But there are some disadvantages I think I should point out, for those of you who might be caught up in the dream of becoming a full time freelance writer. I don’t want to be negative and I’m certainly not going to crush your dream – far from it. But it’s worth bearing in mind that some of the positives can turn into negatives if you don’t have the right mindset.

‘No annoying boss’ – absolutely. And also no boss to remind you that you need to work to earn money. If you are disciplined then working from home is great – but if you’re not, you’ll find yourself panicking and back in a normal job pretty quickly.

‘No getting up early’ – well, it depends. It depends on what sort of person you are. I like getting a good start so I am usually up between 7am and 8am and at my desk and writing about ten minutes later. Feeding the cat and making myself a cup of tea have to be done first – in that order! But if you’re a late person then getting up at noon and working until 2am might work for you.

‘No crowded trains’ – ah yes. Now that part IS good. Never get tired of missing out on that part.

‘Doing a job you love’ – let’s hope so! I love writing and so it rarely feels like an actual job.

So you need to be disciplined and you need to be prepared to WORK. Sounds crazy but a lot of people aren’t disciplined enough to do that. Put it this way – the weather can be a big disadvantage when you work from home. Supposing you’re all set to work and it turns out to be a lovely warm day. You want to get out in the garden to relax and soak up some sun. But if you do, you’ll be behind on your work and you won’t earn anything.

Solution – keep working, try and finish early and then go outside. It rarely works trying to do it the other way around. Either that, or you have to take your laptop outside. I’ve done that, and it’s great. One of the perks, you could say.

I’m going to blog more about this topic in the future. But I just wanted to point out that there can be disadvantages to home working. Being a writer is wonderful and I earn much more than I did in any of my previous positions in employment. But I DO need to be disciplined. I DO need to show up at my desk virtually every day. And I DO need to be pro-active.

If you can’t do all of these things, then yes, you will find plenty of disadvantages to working from home.

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