5 advantages of looking for paid writing jobs online

I thought it was about time I did another entry in the guides part of my blog. Now one of my main focuses on this blog as we move forward together is to share ways in which you can be positive about your writing.

Even though I am looking back some 5 years to when I first started submitting articles for publication in magazines, I can remember all too well what it felt like when I was rejected. I think it is actually far easier to get published online now as a beginner than it ever was in the magazine world – even all those years ago. And it has definitely got a lot harder too.

It took me around nine months to get published for the first time back then, but a lot of writers now can get published online within minutes. It might be on a revenue sharing site but at least it is a good start.

But I firmly believe that no matter how long you have been writing, no matter what you want to write or who you want to write for, the most important thing is to BE POSITIVE. So with that in mind I am going to give you 5 advantages of looking for paid writing work online.

It’s easier than trying to find paid writing jobs offline. That’s true. I’m not saying it’s impossible – nothing is impossible – but if you want to get published faster and build up a writing career where you are in charge, stick with online markets.

It can open up all kinds of new possibilities. You might start off by writing articles for other people, but you might end up writing your own eBooks and publishing them on their own mini-sites. And there is no end to the money you can make doing that.

It is easier to find new connections online. You could be a total newbie to the online writing market. I was. But once you start poking around and learning more about the online landscape, you will keep on unearthing new writing opportunities at every turn.

There are plenty of places you can look online to find writing jobs. Try looking in your local newsagent to find magazines that still take work from freelancers. Enough said.

There are plenty of job titles you could go for. Do you love writing on various topics for other people? Be a ghostwriter. Do you prefer creating website copy from scratch? Be a copywriter instead. Do you like writing your own eBooks and then writing lots of articles to promote them? You can do that too.

So there you go. 5 reasons to keep you motivated and looking ahead to what you can achieve now and in the future with your online writing. Stay positive and you will be surprised at where it will get you!

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